Since the beginning of the Russian invasion of Ukraine, a large number of war crimes perpetrated by Russian Federation forces have been reported and catalogued by Ukrainian authorities and the international community. During a debate of the European Parliament on a Resolution proposing ways to support Ukraine and the International Criminal Court in prosecuting war crimes, ECR Group Foreign Affairs Coordinator Anna Fotyga said:“We are aware of all the atrocities happening in Ukraine during this appalling invasion that is the next stage of the war that started in 2014. Russia is to be defeated in this war, and surely no impunity can be granted to decision-makers and perpetrators of war crimes.”

“During four decades the Russian Federation has been able to turn the attention of the West from its immediate neighbourhood and its will to conquer its neighbours. This can no longer be possible,” Fotyga added.

The ECR Group will call for all those responsible to be brought to international justice – including the highest Russian authorities – making sure that compensation for the Ukrainian state and families is provided, possibly by seizing frozen Russian financial and other assets.