The Austrian Green party ‘Die Grünen’ is projected to score a historic best of 14% in General elections on Sunday.  This would mark a 10% increase compared to previous elections held in 2017.

“This is our Sunday for future.  We want to be able to look young people demonstrating all over the world in the eyes and say we will do everything we can for your future.  We are committed to the global movement for climate and it is the reason for our victory today.  That will be our fundamental prínciple guiding any talks about participating in a coalition government,” said the Die Grünen leader Werner Kogler reacting after the outcome.

“We congratulate the Austrian Greens on this impressive political comeback which is more than a tripling of its previous score in elections in 2017.  They have conducted a campaign in favour of stronger environmental standards, gender equality and social justice and against corruption and dirty political tricks.  These results are the latest in a string of Green victories sweeping across Europe, proving that people realise that the only guarantee of more effective Green policies is to vote Green,” said the European Green Party co-chairs Reinhard Bütikofer and Monica Frassoni.