Comment on French President Emmanuel Macron‘s statement :

Nous avons négocié pendant deux ans un accord de retrait pour le Brexit, il faut maintenant venir aux décisions. Ce qui est indispensable : que rien ne compromette le projet européen. Nous avons une Renaissance européenne à conduire, j’y crois très profondément et je ne souhaite pas que le sujet du Brexit vienne nous bloquer sur ce point »

Following my previous article “Culture, Politics and Diplomacy”, I tried to put forward the concept of “common interests” as prevalence upon “national ones” that States are to apply in their bilateral and multilateral relations. There are also being said that this new stage of the World will be inspired by two main principles:  Trust and win-win. Even the win-win principle seems to have the Balance of Power Policy content, it is now viewed in national interests related to the respect of national traditions and differences the States and communities are shaped on.

If we make a hierarchy of those concepts through the history and future of humanity, we may do it like this: First place: national interests as major intention of States in their behaviors and international relationship; second place: win-win outcomes as results of States actions; and, the third place: common interests being guided or inspired by Common Interests Policy. For the time being the “clash” between Balance of Powers Policy and Common Interests Policy has started and it continues carefully but strongly its way ahead.  The last one will belong to the future of international relations meaning during upcoming hundreds of years or more…

For the time being, there are many examples that show the contrary of this process which could be called “contrary acting forces” still inspired by Balance of Powers Policy.  Let us take the Brexit case: This has clearly demonstrated not only the British political incapacity to manage the situation before and after the Brexit process commenced but also – and above all, it showed the strictly the continuation of about two centuries policy of that so-called “Balance of Power Policy”. Thus, in this case, the ignorance of (at least) the common European Union interest is obvious. This famous policy was born by the British, and British will be the last political establishment in our tomorrow World to abandon this policy and embrace the newly born – Common Interest Policy

Finally, the Brexit phenomenon or others like this in the World must be viewed and observed as “stop temporarily momentum” which, in future terms, will result in two options: either Great Britain will return home or this country will lose gradually its regional and world influences due to internal dividing factors. Thus, the Common Interest Policy will be the winner in our future time, but politician’s accountability is and will be much needed along with strong collective efforts by schoolers, intellectuals, media and civil societies.