The EPP Group will today endorse a Resolution that reaffirms the European Parliament’s position on Brexit.

“We are sending out a strong signal of consistency today. Like the previous European Parliament, this European Parliament will continue to defend citizens’ rights, insists on the Irish backstop, and a fair financial arrangement between the EU and the UK,” said Chairman of the EPP Group, Manfred Weber and Danuta Hübner, member of the Brexit Steering Group.

During the debate, Manfred Weber expressed his disappointment at the result of recent discussions between the British Prime Minister and his European counterparts: “It was a missed opportunity to make progress and in the meantime, instead of Britain leaving the EU, businesses and jobs are leaving Britain.”

The European Parliament is convinced that the Withdrawal Agreement is the only possible outcome that respects the British red lines of being outside the Customs Union and outside the Single Market. “We need a Withdrawal Agreement as it provides legal certainty to all those affected by Brexit: citizens and businesses. This is why we continue to insist on an orderly Brexit,” Danuta Hübner commented.

During the debate, EPP Group Chairman Weber also insisted on the importance of a Parliamentary debate in these crucial weeks before the Brexit deadline.

“Today, the only Parliament where we can actually discuss Brexit and the lack of progress in the negotiations is the European Parliament, not the Commons, unfortunately. Brexiteers claimed Westminster would take back control, but now they have shut it down!”