The EU must “engage with partners to enhance global peace, security and prosperity” Vice-President Ramón Luis Valcárcel told the 140 EU ambassadors on Tuesday.

European Parliament Vice-President Ramón Luis Valcárcel opened the 2018 EU Ambassadors Conference on September 4. This year’s event brought together 140 EU ambassadors from around the world.

The ambassadors joined MEPs for a series of workshops and debates. There was a special focus on the upcoming European elections.

“We are witnessing a new wave of populism across the world that is offering simplistic solutions of hate, xenophobia and protectionism, which are not compatible with strong global governance,” said Vice-President Valcárcel. “At a time when multilateralism is being increasingly undermined, it is more important than ever for the European Union to stand strong and united in promoting a rules-based multilateral order.

“We must act responsibly and engage with our partners to enhance global peace, security and prosperity through a stable and predictable international order,” he added.

The workshops focused on four priorities: economic governance, climate change, migration and security.

Valcárcel concluded: “The European Union clearly has a key role to play in international governance and we must continue to push for global solutions to our common challenges. In order to fully achieve our potential, we need to be more ambitious and be united in speaking with one voice on the international scene.”