In a letter to European Council President Donald Tusk, the European Ombudsman has asked him to consider publishing information about meetings he and his cabinet hold with lobbyists.

Ombudsman Emily O’Reilly suggested that any such meetings should only be with registered lobbyists, if they fall under the scope of the EU Transparency Register.

This would bring the European into line with current EU standards. It would also send an important positive signal as the Commission, Parliament and Council of the EU begin negotiations on a revised EU Transparency Register.

“European citizens expect President Tusk and his team to listen to all key stakeholders on the main issues facing Europe, whether it is on migration, security or energy,” said O’Reilly. “However they also increasingly expect high levels of transparency from politicians and public institutions. The Juncker Commission and the European Parliament have made significant progress in this area in recent years. It would be fitting for the institution that sets the EU political agenda also to have rules about who they meet.

“Publishing the progress reports on these discussions would allow citizens to follow European politics in real time and bring greater understanding about the role national leaders play in shaping decisions on vital issues,” added O’Reilly.

The ombudsman has also called on EU institutions to turn the Transparency Register into a central transparency hub for all institutions and agencies.