Solidarity is a two-way street, said European Parliament President Antonio Tajani addressing Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki, who attended the plenary session in Strasbourg on July 4. The meeting took place in the framework of Tajani’s initiative to invite EU leaders to the parliament to debate the future of Europe.

“I want to thank Prime Minister Morawiecki for his participation in today’s debate,” said Tajani. “Poland is synonymous with Solidarność, the compelling force of solidarity that brought down borders and secured freedom for generations of Poles and Europeans. By joining the European Union, Poland chose to be part of a community of values based on the same solidarity, freedom and the rule of law. We expect Poland to respect the basic rules of our community, which include a clear separation between the executive and judiciary powers.

“Solidarity is a two ways street,” he added. “Since its accession in 2004, Poland has benefitted from considerable EU support and seized its economic opportunities. The European Parliament wants to maintain a strong cohesion policy with an adequate overall budget, also funded with own resources.”

Tajani also stressed that the EU counts on Poland to show solidarity with other EU member states confronted with the pressures of the migration crisis.

“The European Union’s own survival depends on the handling of migration flows. Poland should contribute in addressing these challenges showing European responsibility,” said Tajani. “We can understand that some member states might yet not be ready to receive asylum seekers. This is why the Dublin reform adopted by the European Parliament provides a transition period for such countries.”

Tajani also noted that the approval of this reform by the member states cannot be delayed any longer.