The European Parliament’s Committee on Foreign Affairs adopted a critical resolution on Moldova, saying it has been “captured by oligarchic interests”. The MEPs also urged Brussels to halt aid to the country at least until after next year’s elections.

“Moldova is backsliding on democratic standards and rule of law,” the resolution said, noting a decline in democratic standards and the rule of law. The country is reportedly slipping away from the European commitments it made in the Association Agreement signed with the EU in June 2014.

As reported by Balkan Insight online, one of the main worries is that the elections scheduled for February 2019 will be either rigged or the results annulled, as was the case with the mayoral election result in the capital, Chisinau, in June.

The resolution called attention to a “lack of fair and transparent elections as well as an impartial judiciary system, and insufficient anti-corruption and anti-money laundering efforts”.

The EU rapporteur on Moldova, Lithuanian Petras Auštrevičius, said the resolution was a “wake-up call”.