The fight against anti-Semitism will be intensified in the European Union. The 28-nation bloc’s interior ministers on December 6 adopted a declaration acknowledging hatred against Jews “remains widespread”.

“The declaration invites member states to adopt and implement a holistic strategy to prevent and fight all forms of anti-Semitism,” it said.

“It calls on member states to increase their efforts to ensure security for Jewish communities, institutions and citizens.”

As reported by the Agence France-Presse (AFP), the ministers urged member states that have not done so to adopt a common definition of anti-Semitism to better identify and investigate attacks against Jews.

They asked the member states to offer financing and carry out security measures for Jewish communities, institutions and citizens.

The declaration called on the member states to “take appropriate measures against hate crimes and incitement to violence or hatred against Jewish people.”

The World Jewish Congress hailed the declaration as recognition by all EU member states that “serious action” is needed to tackle anti-Semitism.