The impact of climate change on migration, the economy and security will top the Asia-Europe Parliamentary Partnership (ASEP) meeting, taking place 27-28 September.

MEPs and MPs from EU member states, 18 Asian countries and Russia, Australia, New Zealand, Norway and Switzerland will debate the environmental challenges that Asia and Europe are facing: sustainable development and the circular economy, urban areas management, cooperating on water resources, waste treatment and plastic reduction, food security and clean technologies. They will also prepare their input for the ASEM summit to be held 18-19 October in Brussels.

EP President Antonio Tajani will kick off the plenary session on 27 September at 10.30. This will be followed by a welcome speech from the ASEP 9 meeting host Mr Yondonperenlei Baatarbileg (Mongolia), Ms Shirin Sharmin Cahudhury, speaker of the Bangladesh Parliament, Ms Ana Maria Pastor Julian, President of the Congress of deputies (Spain), Ms Gloria Arroyo, Speaker of the House of Representatives (Philippines) and Mr Zhang Zhijun, Vice-Chairman of the Committee of Foreign Affairs (China).

The Asia-Europe Parliamentary Partnership (ASEP) meeting is part of the overall Asia-Europe partnership, which provides a forum for inter-parliamentary debates, information-sharing and promotes mutual understanding of global issues. ASEP meetings are convened on a bi-annual basis before the ASEM Summit, alternately in Asia and in Europe.