Soraya Post, member of the European Parliament from the Swedish Feminist Initiative, is organising a feminist EU-summit in Malmö, Sweden on May 19. The aim is to talk about feminist responses to the growing nationalism in the European Union.

Representatives from feminist and anti-racist parties and organisations from several EU member states are scheduled to attend the summit.

“We have already witnessed the cruel consequences of nationalism in Europe, what ‘we and them’ rhetoric and dehumanization of a group of people can lead to,” said Post. “What is even more dangerous than nationalist parties is that the traditional left and right parties have now begun to embrace nationalistic rhetoric. With one year left to the next EU elections, I see feminism as the clearest counterforce of nationalism in Europe.”

Also on May 19, Post and Gudrun Schyman, the party leader for the Swedish Feminist Initiative, will present a new study titled “Feminist responses to growing nationalism in the European Union”. The study was commissioned by Post in association with her political group in the European Parliament, the Group of the Progressive Alliance of Socialists and Democrats (S&D).

“Our vision is clear,” said Post, “a society that sees and embraces all.”