The next president of the European Central Bank could be Erkki Liikanen, the former governor for the bank of Finland, according to a recent poll taken by Financial Times.

Leaders in Europe’s financial and economic realms were asked who they believe will be selected to take over from current president Mario Draghi when he steps down in 2019.

As reported by the Helsinki Times, Liikanen emerged as the clear winner, although respondents did not necessarily think he was the most qualified person for the role.

His time as the Bank of Finland was characterised by fiscal caution and he is known to have played a leading role in stepping up regulation of the financial sector following the recession of 2008.

According to reports, Draghi’s successor will inherit several challenges. Years of weak growth, low interest rates, and high levels of quantitative easing have left EU finances on shaky ground.

He will also be taking office at a time when member states find themselves increasingly in conflict with the ECB, notably Italy and Portugal.