The Finnish party Left Alliance released its programme for the upcoming European elections last week. The party underlines that far-right in Europe is exploiting the sentiments of fear of many citizens and it creates a “politics of fear”.

The programme was released by Li Andersson, the chairperson of the Left Alliance.

“The solution they offer is the politics of fear, meaning they portray threats and exploit fears to do politics and build up their support,” stated Andersson Helsinki Times reports.

The Chairperson underlined the fact that the far-right and the right-wing populists try to present migration, the refugee wave as well as international terrorism as the main cause for the sentiments of insecurity among the EU citizens.

“The uncertainty, insecurity and problems associated with the daily lives of people – such as unemployment and climate change or the way that tax haven economies are gnawing away at the funding of welfare services in EU member states – cannot be solved by creating divisions between people. They cannot be solved with racism,” said Andersson.

The Alliance is against aggressive tax planning and tax haven economies and designs an environmentally friendly programme for the European Union, which is known as a Green New Deal.

In this year general elections the Left Alliance obtained an 8,17% of the vote and won 16 seats (4 more) in the Parliament.

According to recent polls the party maintains its influence (8,2%) and it is expected to elect 1 MEP.