Numerous large German retail chains, including Edeka and Ikea, together with the German Retail Federation, are appealing to their employees to go and vote.
“These European elections are probably the most important since the European Union was founded,” they say in their statement.
The German Retail Federation underlines that “it is important to preserve the EU as a union of values for peace, freedom, social cohesion and the rule of law and to strengthen it for the future”.
“Only a strong Europe that speaks with one voice on big issues can negotiate at par with other world regions. Such a Europe does not take our national identity from us, it is rather complemented and enriched. To promote with passion for the European Union does not mean to be uncritical. Like any big project, the EU needs to be constantly evolving. However, this European election is about more than supposed superfluous directives and regulations. It is about whether we can unite and strongly defend our European values of freedom and prosperity and continue to assert our European interests in the world. It is with great conviction that we appeal to trade companies and their three million employees to strengthen Europe’s choice. Give Europe your vote in the election on May 26, 2019! Say YES to peace and freedom, to a strong single market. Say YES to the European Union,” says the statement of the German Retail Federation.