The joint opposition candidate Gergely Karácsony has won Budapest’s mayoral election with over 50% of the vote, defeating the Fidesz-backed incumbent, István Tarlós.

The opposition also will have a majority in the city council. And it has won 10 out of the 23 most populous cities of Hungary, an increase of 8 since the previous election.

“Change is coming to Budapest following a resounding victory for the opposition candidate Gergely Karácsony in the mayoral elections. We wish Mr. Karácsony every success in bringing about a just and sustainable vision in one of Europe’s most culturally significant capitals,” said the European Green Party co-chair Reinhard Bütikofer.

Orbán’s attempt to snuff out the opposition by keeping a stranglehold on the media and restricting public debate has not worked as well as he hoped. A new generation of internationally-minded young people have rejected a repressive, authoritarian vision of the future and opted instead for progressive change,” he added.

“We hope this is the shape of things to come in Hungary and in the east as we sit on the cusp of a new decade. Opposition leaders must use this opportunity to push back against repressive measures and lay the groundwork for a brighter, more just, greener and openly European future ahead,” concluded Bütikofer.