The European Commission has accused carmakers BMW, Daimler, and VW of collusion on emissions technology.  If guilty, they could face fines that could amount to billions of euros.

“German carmakers should not be surprised if they are forced to pay out hefty fines.  Instead of working towards providing the best and cleanest technology, it appears the so-called circle of five colluded to trick European consumers – and the industry at large – by purposefully applying the brakes to innovation that could have cut harmful emissions at a time in which we urgently need to reduce air pollution, especially in big cities.  It is this type of complacency that could ultimately spell the industry’s demise. If we do not want Europe to end up importing the bulk of its cars within the next couple of decades, we should make sure our automotive industry leads the way in producing the cleanest, most innovative and highest-performing technology in the world.  Let’s hope this move sets a new precedent that Europe will never tolerate this kind of cynical collusion,” said European Green Party leading candidate, MEP Bas Eickhout.