Commenting on revisions to the Gas Directive that will impact EU market rules around gas pipelines entering the EU from third countries such as Russia, the European Green Party co-chair Reinhard Bütikofer said:

“The decision taken early this morning towards a common European energy policy for gas is an important step in improving energy security in the European Union and guaranteeing greater fairness and solidarity among EU states. Russia’s gas giant Gazprom will now have to comply with EU rules and break up its monopoly.  Under the new unbundling rules, the ownership of the pipes and the supplier cannot be from the same source.”

“This should help guard against any attempts by Member States to undermine their EU partners and allow the Commission to guarantee the EU’s broader interests. It’s now up to the Russians to explain how it intends to abide by these rules.  Gaining privileged access through backdoors into Europe’s lucrative energy market can no longer be countenanced.  Those doors must now remain under lock and key,” Bütikofer added.