Zdeněk Hřib (CZ/Pirate Party), Mayor of Prague and member of the Greens in the Committee of the Regions, has been under the protection of Czech police due to security threats from a foreign power for more than four weeks. Such direct threats to his personal safety must be taken with extreme severity as they undermine values of democracy and freedom.

Zdeněk Hřib has been the Mayor of Prague since 2018. In his role, he is boldly and consistently working towards better policies on democracy, freedom, justice and human rights. He has gained international attention as a defender of local authorities, both nationally as well as on a more global scale.

The Greens in the Committee of the Regions disapprove of any threats to personal safety and express deep worry for such developments. Mr Hřib’s personal security must be ensured to allow the continuation of his important and legitimate work both in Prague and as a member of the Committee of the Regions.

According to a declaration, the European Green Party cannot accept violations of international law and the norms of global cooperation. In particular in countries where democratic standards are often under attack by populist parties, local democracy and its representatives are a strong line of protection for the rule of law and fundamental rights. The safety of local elected representatives, and the defense of their ability to fully exercise the mandates with which they have been entrusted must be a priority.