Yesterday night, the UK government faced a massive defeat in the House of Commons over the Brexit Withdrawal Agreement with 202 people voting in favour and 432 against. The leader of the Labour party Jeremy Corbyn has now tabled a motion of no confidence to be debated today. The UK must now explore other options, including calling for a ‘People’s Vote.’,” commented Greens/EFA MEP and co-leading candidate Bas Eickhout.

“By insisting on leaving the single market, leaving the customs union and ending free movement, May’s government has created her own political deadlock, given that the red lines around the Good Friday Agreement can and should not change. A no deal is clearly in the interest of no-one, and must therefore be avoided. It is time that the UK political class stops arguing with itself. If necessary, the EU should offer time to provide the British people with the opportunity for general elections or a ‘People’s Vote’ so that they can have a fair and informed choice between the terms on which they withdraw from the EU or whether they prefer to remain a member of the EU,” he added.

“In this situation, an extension to Article 50 needs to be considered with the aim of breaking the deadlock. From the EU side, it’s clear that red lines around the Good Friday Agreement cannot change. Peace in Northern Ireland is not a bargaining chip, it is peoples’ lives,” said Ska Keller, the President of the Greens/EFA group in the European Parliament and co-leading candidate.

“A second referendum should be on the cards as a way to find a solution. If the British people were to decide that they want to stay, the EU needs to be very clear that our arms and hearts are very open,” Keller added.