Today the Polish Green Party has decided to join the Civic Coalition as the fourth coalition partner, ahead of the upcoming parliamentary elections in Poland.

“As European Greens we welcome this news and congratulate our partners in Poland. There is a number of reasons why this is a very encouraging announcement indeed,” commented European Green Party (EGP co-chair) Reinhard Bütikofer.

“Firstly, the Civic Coalition, comprised of four political parties: the Civic Platform (EPP), the Modern Party (ALDE), Initiative Poland and now also the Green Party (European Greens/EFA), will be the broadest pro-democratic coalition in Poland. Political parties aside, the coalition will notably also include many leaders of local councils, experts, pro-democratic activists and representatives of non-governmental organisations. Thus, the coalition will be a social movement rather than a strict political organisation, and – as such – it will be closer to the people. Secondly, the Civic Coalition with the Green Party as a strong partner will have green issues in clear focus. We trust that ambitious targets in divesting away from coal, cutting emissions and accelerating green energy will become important foundations of their joint programme for Poland. We very much look to the Civic Coalition to drive a more ambitious climate agenda in Europe. Thirdly, teaming up with the Civic Coalition offers Polish Greens a great chance to introduce first green MPs into the Polish Parliament. This would be a huge step forward in enabling green values: ecology, democracy and social justice to become stronger in Poland and Central-East Europe. Finally, just as European Greens cooperate broadly with all pro-democratic parties in the European Parliament, we believe that only a similarly broad form of cooperation in Poland can lead to a stronger democracy, greener environment and a stronger European bond,” added Bütikofer wishing both the Polish Greens and the Civic Coalition great success in the upcoming elections in Poland.