Constitutional Affairs and Legal Affairs MEPs questioned the candidate for the Inter-institutional Relations and Foresight portfolio.

Political groups’ coordinators from the committees will meet within 24 hours to assess the performance of Commissioner-designate Šefčovič.

Closing the gap between EU citizens and EU institutions

During his introductory speech, Maroš Šefčovič said that the “natural partnership between the Parliament and the Commission” needs to evolve into “world-class anticipatory governance”. He also reiterated that the Commission will present legislative proposals based on EP resolutions and committed to resume negotiations on Parliament’s right of inquiry.

MEPs put forward several questions on proposals to enhance information-sharing through EU research resources and shared databases, as well as on citizens’ and national parliaments’ role in defining future EU legislation. Members also questioned the Vice President-designate on the “one in, one out” principle, which aims to reduce red tape, and received assurance that the EP will have a leading role in the upcoming Conference on the Future of Europe.

The candidate mentioned the need to modernise the REFIT platform – an expert group whose goal is to simplify laws and reduce burdens – and the need to follow e-government best practice while addressing concerns on the emergence of Artificial Intelligence.