On 2 July the EU leaders reached a conclusion on the allocation of Europe’s top jobs during an extraordinary European Council.

Charles Michel, current interim Prime Minister of Belgium and President of ALDE Party member party Mouvement Réformateur, was appointed for the role of President of the European Council. He will be the first liberal to hold this role since the introduction of permanent presidency in 2009.

“To be appointed President of the European Council is a great responsibility and a task I will fulfill with commitment. A united Europe with respect for national diversity is my objective. Solidarity, freedom and mutual respect are the core of the European Union. I will uphold those values,” Michel said after the appointment.

“Charles Michel will, with his experience as Belgian Prime Minister, be ideal for finding consensus and building unity among Member States,” the outgoing President Donald Tusk noted in his press statement following the nominations.

Another leading liberal figure, European Commissioner for Competition and Team Europe member Margrethe Vestager was nominated for the role of Vice-President of the European Commission.