The information that German Chancellor Angela Merkel would possibly decide to run for the post of European Commission’s chief is not a new one.

What is new is that in this case the German Chancellor will have a precious ally in the person of the French President Emmanuel Macron.

In fact Macron said on Tuesday, June 11, that he would support Merkel if she were to run for president of the European Commission.

According to her own declarations Angela Merkel will retire from politics in 2021. But many do not exclude that she could reconsider her decision.

As Reuters reports the French President told Swiss television that he would support Merkel.

“Of course I would, because firstly I think we need someone strong. Europe needs new faces and strong faces, so we need personalities that in effect embody that,” Macron told journalists.

However, as Reuters reports on Tuesday, European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker, rejected such a possibility that Merkel could seek a top EU job.