MEPs call for minimum EU standards for information, consultation, representation and participation of employees at board-level, in case of a company restructuring across borders.

In a report adopted on Tuesday by the committee on Employment and Social Affairs, MEPs highlight the importance of worker’s participation at workplaces across the EU. They call on the European Commission to raise awareness and improve knowledge of national and EU rules governing employee representation in corporate bodies and to stimulate the exchange of best practices on the different forms of worker participation.

Framework directive on worker’s participation

Since the existing EU legal acts concerning worker’s board-level representation rights do not establish minimum thresholds for this representation, MEPs urge for the closing of this loophole by introducing a new framework directive on worker’s information, consultation and participation. They also call for additional measures to ensure balanced presentation and gender equality.

CSR and Due diligence

MEPs encourage the Commission and the member states to take measures so that at least 80 % of corporations in the EU are covered by sustainable corporate governance agreements that promote practices such as corporate reporting, board remuneration, board composition and stakeholder involvement. They also recommend involvement of workers in the establishment of due diligence strategies.                                                                    The resolution was adopted by 41 votes to 7 and 7 abstentions.