On January 11 Parliament of the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia voted in favour of the constitutional changes proposed by the government and in consequence for the implementation of the Prespa agreement.

In a joint Statement HR/VP Federica Mogherini and Commissioner Johannes Hahn express their wholehearted congratulations on the Parliament’s vote on the constitutional changes.

“This is a crucial step in implementing the historic Prespa agreement. Political leaders and citizens alike have shown their determination to seize this unique and historic opportunity in solving one of the oldest disputes in the region, and decisively move forward on the European Union path. The EU strongly supports this agreement which sets an example of reconciliation for the region and Europe as a whole.  As we are awaiting the completion of the next steps leading to the full implementation of the Prespa Agreement, the European Union remains firmly committed to continue to fully support and accompany the country towards its common strategic goal of EU integration,” Mogherini and Hahn stated.