Barred from public office in Italy due to his criminal record, Silvio Berlusconi has decided to try his luck at the helm of the European Union. The 82-year-old billionaire former Italian prime minister and media mogul, announced his intention to stand for the European Parliament.

“I’ve decided out of a sense of responsibility to head for Europe, where there is a lack of deep thinking about the world,” he said in Quartu in southern Sardinia.

As reported by the Guardian, Berlusconi, who served a community service order for corporate tax fraud in 2015, and has been embroiled in a long series of court cases over his career, now sees the EU parliament as a possible way back into the corridors of power.

As he made the announcement, Berlusconi hit out at the anti-establishment M5S, currently in government with the far-right League.

“We need to change this government, which includes Five Star, that is led by people who have no experience and no competence,” he said. “They are like the gentlemen of the communist left of 1994, and in addition they have this big problem.”