Ahead of the European elections the stronger opposition National Liberal Party (PNL) is coming first with 25.6% of the votes according to a recent poll carried by IMAS Barometer. The ruling Social Democratic Party (PSD) is positioned at the second place with 21.7%. The liberal coalition Alliance 2020, consisting of the Save Union Romania (USR) and PLUS party, comes third with 16.4%.

USR’s leader Dan Barna declared his support to the French President Emmanuel Macron while PLUS (Freedom, Unity and Solidarity Party) leader and former prime minister of Romania, Dacian Cioloș leads the European list of the coalition.

According to other polls published recently another two parties will win seats at the European Parliament. The Alliance of Liberals and Democrats (ALDE, 12.2%) and PRO Romania party of former prime minister Victor Ponta (11.7%) are the other two parties.

Romania has 32 seats in the European Parliament. The electoral threshold is 5%.

Taking into consideration recent polls the PNL is expected to win between 8 and 9 seats, while the ruling PSD 7-8. Alliance 2020 is expected to elect 7 MEPs.

PNL is a member of the EEP Group, PSD of the S&Ds, ALDE a member of ALDE while PRO Romania is expected to join the ECR Group.