Migrants and the European Union topped the agenda during a meeting between Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban and Interior Minister Matteo Salvini in Milan on August 28.

Speaking to reporters after the meeting, Salvini said the talks they had been “a long positive and constructive discussion, not only on migrants”. He also said: “We are close to a historic turning point for the future of Europe: today starts a series of meetings, there will be many others”.

As reported by the Italian news agency ANSA, that Salvini warned judicial probes would not make him change his mind about the need to stop migrants coming to Italy by sea. He said: “The left can’t decide who I can see”.

As reported by the media, Orban defended Salvini, saying “you mustn’t give way, we’re behind you” in trying to defend Italy’s maritime borders. “Europe’s security depends on your success,” he added.

Orban, who called Salvini “my hero”, also said: “When they were all attacking me at the European Parliament, Salvini defended me, I won’t forget it”.

Orban said Salvini was the “first politician in the Mediterranean who has taken on the responsibility” of trying to stop migrants coming to Europe by sea.

“Hungary is proof that migrants can be stopped on dry land, and that’s where Salvini’s mission comes in,” added Orban.

Salvini was asked what he thought about being Orban’s hero. He said the description had been “wise words”.