A standoff between the new and the old government continues in Moldova for the sixth day. On Saturday June 9th the ACUM-PSRM majority in Parliament elected a new government, but the politically controlled Constitutional Court took the side of the old regime and is sabotaging the new legitimate government led by Maia Sandu.

The new government has overwhelming popular support and has been recognized by Moldova’s major international partners. Nonetheless, the oligarch Vladimir Plahotniuc, who is the leader of the PDM, has blocked access to all major government buildings with paid protesters, including sportsmen – a tactic employed by the Ukrainian Viktor Yanukovych during the Euromaidan in Ukraine in 2014.

ACUM leaders Prime Minister Maia Sandu and Deputy Prime Minister, Interior Minister Andrei Nastase have called today for a peaceful rally on Sunday in Moldova’s capital Chisinau. The same call was launched by President of Moldova Igor Dodon.

Despite major ideological and geopolitical differences, ACUM DA-PAS and the party of the President PSRM have put their rivalry on hold to give Moldova a chance to defeat the oligarchic system that has captured the state under Plahotniuc.

The People’s March on Sunday is meant as a display of national unity against corruption and state capture. People from all over the country of all political convictions are awaited at the event to voice their support for the new government led by Maia Sandu.

Public discontent with Plahotniuc’s regime is very high.

However it is worrying that PDM is planning a protest of their own on Sunday in the city center.