Poland’s Green Party Zieloni won three seats in Poland’s national parliament following General Elections over the weekend.

It is the first time that Polish Greens have been elected to the national assembly. The new Green MPs include co-president Małgorzata Tracz in Wrocław, Tomasz Aniśko in Zielona Góra and Urszula Zielińska in Warsaw.

“This marks a new era for Green politics in Poland following historic results. Following years of hard work and commitment of every member in the party, we will now be sitting in Poland’s Sejm with not one, but three seats.  We will do everything possible to deliver on the trust that people have placed in us to put pressure on the government to take decisive action to fight climate destruction and guarantee a safe environment and clean air for future generations,” said after the vote, the co-president Małgorzata Tracz.

“In the elections the Law and Justice renewed its majority and the extreme right has entered the parliament. This means that the fight to defend democracy and the rule of law in Poland is far from over. However, with the opposition winning the Senate and the fresh team of great progressive politicians in Sejm I am confident we will restore hope to Polish politics,” commented Commenting on the results, the co-president Marek Kossakowski.

The co-chair of the European Green Party Reinhard Bütikofer congratulated the Polish Greens on this historic success for the party.

“This will allow Greens in Poland to put climate action firmly on the agenda and make  Poland’s Sejm more representative of the people by broadening the scope of debate. It is of course disappointing that the Law and Justice Party still dominate Polish politics and there’s no denying that the road ahead will be steep. However, we are convinced that the Polish Greens have the competence and ambition to inject a new energy and dynamism into the political landscape and deliver on the urgent need to take on corruption and cronyism, as well as build a Greener and more sustainable future for Polish citizens,” said Bütikofer.