Pledging stability, Ireland’s main opposition Fianna Fail party on December 12 agreed to support the country’s minority Fine Gael government through 2019.

“Fianna Fail is determined that the political chaos we see in London will not be allowed to spread to Ireland,” opposition leader Micheál Martin told the Irish parliament.

“With business and communities already fearful about the impact of Brexit and with Ireland manifestly not ready for many of the potential outcomes, how could it possibly be in the national interest to have extended political uncertainty next year?”

“This is why Fianna Fail will extend a guarantee that government will be able to operate throughout 2019.”

As reported by the Agence France-Presse (AFP), Ireland, which shares a border with British-ruled Northern Ireland, is concerned about the potential impact of Brexit (heightened by recent political chaos across the Irish Sea).

The news came ahead of a vote of confidence in the UK late on December 12, in which British Prime Minister Theresa May survived with a majority of 83.