Polling stations open in the Netherlands and the UK today.

53 million UK voters can cast their ballots for the 591 candidates competing for 73 seats. If the country is still an EU member state on 2 July, the current composition of the Parliament, with 751 MEPs will continue to apply.

In the Netherlands, around 13.5 million Dutch voters will select 26 candidates out of 308 running.

Why do the Dutch vote on Thursday 23 May and not on their usual voting day Wednesday? European rules state that the elections have to take place in a period starting on Thursday and ending on Sunday. As a result, Wednesday was not eligible. Thursday was the day closest to Wednesday. Friday, Saturday and Sunday are ruled out as these are days are meant for rest for a number of religious groups. Find out about who is running in the Netherlands.

Tomorrow’s (24 May) voters: Czech Republic and Ireland. Official results can be announced only after the last European voting booths close at 23:00 on Sunday.