The streets of Glasgow flooded with protestors on May 5. As many as 35,000 people demonstrated for Scotland’s independence from the United Kingdom – four years after a referendum failed to secure the result. Organisers called for an independent nation.

The pressure is now mounting on the governing Scottish National Party (SNP) to stage a second referendum.

As reported by Euronews online, a vote on whether Scotland should separate from the United Kingdom, in which 84.6% of the electorate took part, was previously held in 2014. But the No camp (55.3%) won, prompting Yes campaigner and the then-First Minister Alex Salmond to resign, making way for his SNP deputy Nicola Sturgeon to replace him.

Yet a Brexit vote in 2016 has since reignited the independence debate in Scotland after 62% of the nation’s electorate voted to stay in the EU, more than any other country in the UK.

In a separate report, The Guardian noted that the demonstration is one of a series being held across Scotland by All Under One Banner. The pro-independence organisation aims to march at regular intervals “until Scotland is free”.

“Glasgow city centre will be brought to a standstill as our independence march traverses through en route to George Square,” one member of the organisation said on a fundraising page before the event.