Progressive Slovakia (PS) represents the first attempt of a viable liberal party in the country. The party was established in 2017 by the entrepreneur Ivan Štefunko, a supporter of the People Against Racism NGO. PS is openly pro-European and sensitive to topics concerning social and racial discrimination and a potential ally of Emmanuel Macron’s new Group in the European parliament.

PS is a rising opposition force in a country with problems concerning corruption, the rule of law and media freedom.

The party carried out successfully two important electoral battles.

On March 30, the first female President of the country was elected. Zuzana Čaputová, an environmental lawyer and active in the anti-corruption movement as well as in the non-profit sector, was Progressive Slovakia’s vice-chair.

The party won the municipal elections in the capital city of Bratislava since the new Mayor, the independent candidate Matúš Vallo, an architect run with the support of the Progressive Slovakia and Spolu party, receiving 36.54%.

At the beginning of April 2019, Ivan Štefunko announced he was stepping down. The Vice President Michal Truban was the only candidate to apply for leadership and on May 8, he was elected as the new President of Progressive Slovakia.

Michal Truban, is an IT businessman, founder of several startups and member of several NGOs.

Truban is also engaged in the anti-corruption fight in the IT sector. This is why he was awarded the Order of Ďurek Langsfeld in 2015.

According to the polls the electoral alliance between Progressive Slovakia and Spolu party enjoys the support of 8% and is expected to win one seat in the European Parliament.