A racist night attack against a Roma community in France, proved how dangerous social media can be.

A false post had spread on social media that Roma people were attempting to kidnap children in Bobigny, a Paris suburb.

An armed far-right group reacted immediately and attacked the Roma community during Monday night.

Police denounced the fact on Twitter.

“Rumors about kidnapping children with a van are completely unfounded. No abductions have been proven,” the Paris police service wrote on Tuesday. “Do not share this false information, do not incite violence,” reports DW News.

Nineteen people had been arrested on charges of violence, vandalism and participation in armed groups.

The attack provoked the reaction of the politicians as well.

“We will have to adapt our penal and judicial responses to the violence that we see today, but also to the absolutely unacceptable targeting of the Roma community,” said Government spokesman Benjamin Griveaux.

While last year France adopted laws against fake news spread on the internet, these laws are limited only to election campaigns. Now it seems that changes to the law are necessary.