The EU must start listening to voters’ genuine concerns and undertake a thorough self-appraisal, particularly given recent crises such as Brexit, said ECR co-chair Ryszard Legutko today.

He was speaking during a debate with other Group leaders on last week’s European Council summit, and said:

“Brexit is not the time for self-congratulation. It is the time for a self-appraisal. This has been the biggest period of crisis since the start of EU integration. Mr. Macron recently wrote the whole of Europe a letter – it called for more centralisation and more regulation. He called it a European renaissance. It sounds more like a European twilight.”

Specifically on Brexit Legutko called on the EU side to be prepared to offer any help it can.

“Of course the Brexit clock is ticking. We await progress in London and I hope they can find a way through the current situation. We should prepared for any outcome and offer any help we can. It is our problem too,” added Legutko.

“The clock is also ticking on the future of the EU. We should be listening to voters across the EU. More and more voters are desperate for change and change will happen very soon,” Legutko concluded.