Following overwhelming vote in the agriculture committee in favour of the draft report on Unfair Trading Practices (UTP) in the food supply chain, rapporteur and S&D member, Paolo De Castro stated:

“We, the European Parliament, are arming David’s hand versus Goliath. Fairness, healthier food and social rights are our weapons put in the hands of our food producers, workers, consumers, all of us, to finally stop the unfair trade practices perpetrated by the big players in the food supply chain against farmers and producers, regardless their economic dimension. We stand against all the unfair practices that in any way can pose a major threat to farms and workers and puts at risk food quality, and in turn our health. With its overwhelming support to the report, the agriculture committee has armed David’s hand. Hence, we say loud and clear, stop with unilateral reductions of the contracted quantity for perishable goods, stop with late payments for perishable products, and stop with the obligations for suppliers to take back products not sold.”

“We need a common European legal framework able to harmonise the over 20 different national regulations and prohibit specific Unfair Trade Practices all over Europe. We are confident the EU Commission and the EU Council won’t miss the appointment with this crucial turning point. By the end of the year we all can make it happen. Let’s do it,” De Castro added.