Following the presentation of President Donald Trump’s “peace plan” to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict in the presence of the Israeli Prime Minister, the S&D Group criticises the plan and calls for genuine peace efforts, in line with international law.

“No proposed solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict can be successful if based on an unbalanced offer, which is the case with the so-called ‘Deal of the Century’. The sudden presentation of President Trump’s long-awaited peace plan took place in the presence of only one of the two sides. This mirrors the process, the spirit and the content of the plan, favouring one side at the expense of the other,” stated the S&D Vice President responsible for Foreign Affairs, Kati Piri.

“While referring to a realistic two-state solution as its foundation, some proposals of the plan that were widely accepted as a given in the past decades are now being sold as new concessions to Palestinians. Also a number of controversial elements, regarding Jerusalem and the illegal settlements for instance, or the process that should follow, require clarification. Against this background, Mr Trump’s plan seems to serve more the interests of an American President under impeachment trial and an Israeli Prime Minister preparing for elections under criminal indictment, than the interest of peace to the benefit of both Israelis and Palestinians, the Vice President added.

“We continue to support all peace efforts in which both sides are involved, in the spirit expressed by High Representative Josep Borrell in his statement. Trump’s fake ‘Deal of the Century’ shows the importance of resuming a genuine peace process.” Concluded Kati Piri.