On Sunday 7th October, 145 million Brazilians can vote in the first round of the presidential elections, as well as the elections for vice-president and parts of the Federal Senate and the Chamber of Deputies. A second round of voting for the presidential elections is expected for October 28th.

“This weekend, our Group will follow the elections in Brazil very closely. Not only will they be crucial for the future of the country but also for the development and stability of Latin America as a whole. We call on all parties involved to ensure that the elections take place in a peaceful, free and fair manner,” said S&D president Udo Bullmann.

“We respect the democratic and judiciary system in Brazil, however we are very concerned about reports that the judiciary system and the ruling right-wing forces are interfering in the electoral process. The Socialists and Democrats in the European Parliament stand closely by our friends from the Workers’ Party. The fact that Lula, by far the most popular politician in the country, can neither run nor vote and is jailed is regrettable. Lula has been a very good president for Brazil. His social programmes benefited tens of millions of Brazilians, and this is why he is still so popular among Brazilians. He fought decisively against hunger, poverty and discrimination, and reduced the huge social inequality. This fight for a just and fair society has to continue,” he added.