After Brexit, the United Kingdom will no longer be part of the European Arrest Warrant deal, which allows European Union member states to request the arrest and detention of criminals in other countries.

Even though the UK wants to stay part of the system when it leaves the EU next March, EU chief negotiator Michel Barnier says this is not possible since the UK wants to leave the EU’s court and free movement scheme.

Instead, Barnier did say the EU would consider a “streamlined” extradition process with the UK.

According to the BBC, Barnier’s words are not likely to go down well with the UK’s Brexit Secretary David Davis, who earlier this month singled the European Arrest Warrant out as one of the cornerstones of post-Brexit security co-operation with the EU.

In response, Barnier has said that “facts have consequences” and suggested it would not be “fair” for the UK to keep all the benefits of EU membership. “They want to maintain all the benefits of the current relationship, while leaving the EU regulatory, supervision, and application framework,” he said.

“And they try to blame us for the consequences of their choice. Once again, we will not be drawn into this blame game. It would mean wasting time we don’t have.”