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“Technology skills, emotional skills and marketing skills are more essential than ever before and we are developing products to ensure they are certified”, noted Byron Nicolaides, Chairman and CEO of PeopleCert and President of CEPIS. He explained that today technology has created completely different conditions in terms of knowledge...

Interview: Debating Georgia’s Labor Market Reforms

Reform equals deregulation. That was the conventional wisdom in Eastern Europe for over a generation....

Flassbeck: If we don’t print money we lose Europe

We must print money says the former German Finance Minister Heiner Flassbeck, in sufficient volume to...

Interview with Tatyana Dronzina: Our Women of ISIS – Terrorists, Victims or Survivors?

The women of ISIS have been a problem. The UK and other member states have...

Minister Tytti Tuppurainen: Rule of law is a key priority in Finland

Finland assumed the rotating six-month presidency of the European Council on 1 July 2019, soon...

Prof. Önnerfors: Sweden Democrats offer easy solutions to complex problems

For decades, Sweden was considered as one of the most tolerant countries in Europe. Immigrants...