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A Brokered Convention Preview

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How Oligarchy Corrodes Democracy



For decades, Sweden was considered as one of the most tolerant countries in Europe. Immigrants from other parts of Europe as well as from other continents were well received and integrated into the Swedish society. However during the last ten years, part of the society has been mesmerised by...

Florian Bieber: Enlargement fatigues will increase authoritarianism in the Balkans

The Western Balkans was being ravaged by civil war and nationalism-motivated conflict just some 30...

Interview: Why European insect sector is an alternative source of proteins

European Interest discuss with Antoine Hubert (CEO of French biotech company Ynsect and President of...

Øyvind Eggen: We should develop specific technological solutions to save rainforest

Europe has toughened its policies towards palm oil with the aim to restrict imports. The...

Carmen Aguilera-Carnerero: “VOX has not come to stay mute but to make noise and be noticed”

While far-right parties are spread across Europe, Spain seems to be immune to the hate...

Dr. Bernhard Forchtner: A just energy transition must respond to climate change denialism

The global debate around climate change is no longer focused on the research and scientific...