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Romania took the helm of the rotating EU Presidency, for the first time since joining the union, in January. This noteworthy event, however, was controversial from the beginning. Prominent members of the European Commission had been quick to express doubts about Romania's ability to assume such an important mandate. Despite the...

Péter Niedermüller: Hungary’s opposition has appetite for democracy

Ahead of the European Parliament elections, Hungary is facing a rather unique situation. It appears...

Elena Markitani: 335,000 birds were still trapped across Cyprus last autumn

Bird trapping is a Europe-wide problem since this illegal activity has been reported in many...

Daniels Pavļuts lists equality, health and education as Latvia’s top priorities

It’s party time for Latvia’s pro-European liberals Daniels Pavļuts, co-chair of the Development/For! Party, lists...

Uffe Elbæk: “An alternative to the EU, is not less EU, it’s a better EU”

Ideological boundaries often prevent different political forces from cooperating on major problems. But Denmark’s The...

Lukáš Lev Červinka: Pirates go back to the essential values of EU Integration Project

The spectacular rise of the Czech Pirate Party is probably one of the most interesting...