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Last August the leader of the far-right League party provoked a government crisis in Italy by withdrawing his party’s support to the governing coalition. At the time, speculation abounded as to the motives behind Matteo Salvini’s motives and the future of the League in Italian politics. Was Salvini’s move a...

Interview with Oula Silvennoinen: Why it’s worrying to party with the far right

Finland’s strong far right party is known for defending policies against immigrants and other vulnerable...

Anka Mrak-Taritaš: The only way forward is through EU accession of all of the former Yugoslav states

Croatia is the youngest EU member state, and together with Slovenia, is a former republic...

Hristo Ivanov: Bulgaria is a text-book example of what is termed “captured state”

Over the last five years, the European Commission has had to address several cases of...

GRECO’s Executive Secretary: «Immunity must not result in impunity»

When the country is mired in corruption, national anticorruption agencies are practically powerless. Then international...

Dr Lobsang Sangay: ‘The human rights situation in Tibet has gone from bad to worse’

The Tibetan question has returned to the fore,  making its way high on the agenda...