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The latest period of Greek politics was marked by the final step of the decades-long Macedonian name question which was the 2018 Prespa Agreement. During the period that intervened between July 2018 and January 2019 (when the Agreement was ratified by the Greek parliament), Greek society was deeply divided...

Antonella Battaglini calls for ‘fair’ energy transition

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Interview with MEP Igor Šoltes: On Slovenia, nationalism and EU integration

Slovenia may be among the smallest European Union member states, but it is also among...

Interview/Sven Giegold: The core problem is the systematic deconstruction of democratic institutions.

Just a few months ahead of the European Union parliamentary elections, fraud and corruption related...

Interview with Ingeborg Grässle: A closer look at Brussels’ fraud fight

Fraud represents a major problem for the European Union where political elites in some member...