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While far-right parties are spread across Europe, Spain seems to be immune to the hate speech, the racism and xenophobia. However, the latest electoral results show a tough racist movement already existed many years ago growing slowly and taking advantage of modern technology in communication, mainly social media. The VOX...

Dr. Bernhard Forchtner: A just energy transition must respond to climate change denialism

The global debate around climate change is no longer focused on the research and scientific...

Alessio Scopelliti: Salvini gains voters both in government and in opposition

Last August the leader of the far-right League party provoked a government crisis in Italy...

Interview with Oula Silvennoinen: Why it’s worrying to party with the far right

Finland’s strong far right party is known for defending policies against immigrants and other vulnerable...

Anka Mrak-Taritaš: The only way forward is through EU accession of all of the former Yugoslav states

Croatia is the youngest EU member state, and together with Slovenia, is a former republic...

Hristo Ivanov: Bulgaria is a text-book example of what is termed “captured state”

Over the last five years, the European Commission has had to address several cases of...