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We must print money says the former German Finance Minister Heiner Flassbeck, in sufficient volume to reign of interest rates, now, as the economic impact of Covid-19 unfolds. Flassbeck served as State Secretary for Finance next to Finance Minister Oscar Lafontaine. Like Lafontaine, he opposed the now much acclaimed “agenda 2000”...

Interview with Tatyana Dronzina: Our Women of ISIS – Terrorists, Victims or Survivors?

The women of ISIS have been a problem. The UK and other member states have...

Minister Tytti Tuppurainen: Rule of law is a key priority in Finland

Finland assumed the rotating six-month presidency of the European Council on 1 July 2019, soon...

Prof. Önnerfors: Sweden Democrats offer easy solutions to complex problems

For decades, Sweden was considered as one of the most tolerant countries in Europe. Immigrants...

Florian Bieber: Enlargement fatigues will increase authoritarianism in the Balkans

The Western Balkans was being ravaged by civil war and nationalism-motivated conflict just some 30...

Interview: Why European insect sector is an alternative source of proteins

European Interest discuss with Antoine Hubert (CEO of French biotech company Ynsect and President of...