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Fraud represents a major problem for the European Union where political elites in some member states sap EU funds for their own benefit. The Czech Republic and Hungary appear to be among the “champions”. Czech Prime Minister Andrej Babiš is under a criminal investigation regarding the finance of his company...

Hon Howard Quayle: The Isle of Man is not a member of the EU

For over 45 years that the UK is an EU member state, the Isle of...

Mihai Opriş on Romania’s renewable sector

Romania is an energy efficient country since it has its own oil, gas and coal...

Dan Barna: Romania’s not prepared to take the helm of EU presidency

Romania’s turn to take the helm of the European Union’s rotating presidency on January 1...

Maia Sandu: “As elections in Moldova are getting closer, the intimidation of opposition is reaching new heights

The New Year 2019 could mark the start of significant events for Eastern Europe. It...

Kathrin Gutmann: ‘The coal industry in Europe is dying’

It is not without irony that during the UN climate conference in the Polish mining...