About Us

European Interest is an independent online news and feature publication launched by independent journalists in 2017. It covers a vast array of European matters, including politics, society and culture.

However, European Interest is not a publication that approaches European matters neutrally. It is about European interests and is therefore guided by the belief that the European Union is the best way for European states to avoid violent confrontations and reach agreements that can benefit the lives of nearly 550 million citizens.

Although European institutions must be under constant examination and critic, the initial aim of the EU for further integration must be continued. Our historical period is that of a huge home with diminished role of national elites. Instead, one works for the benefit of the entire European population far from national, religious and local disputes.

This is why European Interest, firmly attached to the values of the free economy, defends democratic principles and the largest perception of the rights of any kind of minorities. It takes in consideration the needs of European populations, particularly those of vulnerable groups as unemployed, disabled and youth, as well as ethnic, religious and social minorities. A particular concern must be for those who are victims of organised crime as European consumers, minors and women. It also takes in consideration that economic growth, in many cases, comes at the cost of environmental needs. In this discussion, the economy must be directed towards the highest respect for the environment and animal rights.

Today, the EU is under a permanent attack from inside and outside factors. Euroscepticism transformed into an acute Europhobia that is associated with ‘phobias’ against Islam, Jews, migrants and refugees, ethnic and social groups, sexual minorities. The far-right is particularly active in this field.

European values and particularly the rule of law must be respected by EU member states.

Fake news has proved to be a particularly effective weapon that is backed by external anti-EU forces and aims to destabilise the EU and single member states.

European Interest believes that since the dawn of humanity, trade has played a fundamental role to promote cooperation and diplomacy.

European Interest understands that EU must play a very specific role today to combine the European economic targets with the promotion of democracy and human rights respect.

The EU cannot be perceived as a closed club of privileged states. Instead it should expand its values and aim constantly for its enlargement.

European Interest seeks to promote a fresh debate about the course of the European Institutions. By contributing in understanding better our common life it seeks to serve EU’s wider interest.

In European Interest, the reader keeps abreast of what’s going on in Europe – from breaking news, analysis, opinion editorials, as well as interviews with personalities of the political, economic, activist and academic spectrum.

To present balanced coverage of events and promote the interests of the region, our editors shine a spotlight on news events and explore each topic in depth.

European Interest strives to provide trusted and authoritative news to readers.

All content on the European Interest site is freely available.