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Arctic policy: MEPs set to visit Denmark, Greenland and Iceland

flickr/diamond geezer/CC BY 2.0

Parliament will send a delegation of MEPs to Denmark, Greenland and Iceland to discuss international cooperation and challenges in the Arctic with political representatives and officials.

The visit will begin in Copenhagen on Tuesday 21 September, where MEPs will meet with, among others, Denmark’s Ambassador to the Arctic, Thomas Winkler, as well as with members of the Danish parliament’s Greenland Committee.                                                  On Wednesday 22 September, Members will travel to Greenland for meetings with a range of political representatives and stakeholders, including with Greenland’s Minister of Foreign Affairs, Business, Trade and Climate, Pele Broberg, Minister of Industry and Mineral Resources, Naaja Nathanielsen and researchers and scientists working on EU-funded projects on the island. Throughout the week, the delegation will seek to discuss international cooperation, the EU’s revised Arctic policy and the most pressing challenges in the region, including in the areas of climate change, energy, research and security field.       The visit will conclude in Iceland on Friday 24 September with a meeting with the EU Ambassador to the country, Lucie SamcováHall Allen, Member States’ ambassadors and members of the Icelandic parliament.                                                                    On 1 July this year, the European Parliament’s Foreign Affairs Committee adopted a report stressing the need for constructive international cooperation in the Arctic, while issuing warnings over emerging threats to stability in the area. It is due to be put to the vote in plenary in October.

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