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ECR on Selmayrgate: Time for the Commission to pull their heads out of the sand

Flickr/EU2018BG Bulgarian Presidency/CC BY 2.0
Jean-Claude Juncker, President of the European Commission (center) and Martin Selmayr, Head of Cabinet of Juncker (right) on January 12, 2018 in Sofia, Bulgaria.

MEPs have today backed a resolution likening the actions of the Commission to a coup, in an appointment process that saw

Whilst the Commission has continued to insist that no rules were been broken during the process, serious questions have been raised which cast doubt over the whole process and the integrity of the institution itself. The resolution adopted today calls on the Commission to reassess the procedure used to appointment Selmayr, in order to give other potential candidates an opportunity to apply.

Speaking after the vote, ECR MEP Jan Zahradil, who submitted an oral question on behalf the Group to the Commission said:

“Ever since this announcement was made, the Commission has failed to realise the fundamental issue at play. This isn’t about making the rules fit to what you’ve already set out to achieve, which we all know was to appoint Selmayr; but instead about genuinely believing that you owe it to the electorate to be open, transparent and fair in how your daily work. We’re now waiting on the Commission to pull their heads out the sand, act upon our concerns, and put in place mechanisms so that this never happens again.

“This is all part of building a future where the public has confidence in the job that its institutions are doing.”

ECR Dutch MEP Peter Van Dalen, who tabled a series of amendments to the resolution, added:

“Today we have sent a clear message to the Commission who have for once, been held to account for their decision. We all know that Selmayr’s appointment was decided before the process even started. The manner in which it was carried out and handled by the Commission, has raised serious questions over its own integrity.

“It is imperative that the Commission now start to take this issue seriously and actually address our concerns. This means reopening the procedure and give other candidates a chance, as we called for in our amendment.”

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