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EESC resolution urges civil society to vote for a united Europe


The EESC’s plenary session on 15 May adopted a resolution calling on all EU citizens to turn out at the forthcoming European elections and vote in favour of a united Europe.

The resolution underlines that “the EU is founded on common values – democracy, protection of human rights, freedom of expression, the rule of law, tolerance, justice, equality, solidarity and democratic participation. These values need to be continuously defended and protected as they make it possible for Europeans to live in an open society where each and every citizen is respected and where a European identity, in addition to our national identity, unites us”.

EESC identifies the common and complex challenges EU member states face: Climate change; Social, economic and territorial inequalities; Poverty; Unemployment, especially among the young; Shrinking civic space; Migration; Security and terrorism; Corruption.

“And nationalism is not the answer. Only through a united Europe can we make real progress on these issues,” the resolution says.

The Committee also invited civil society organisations to join efforts to mobile voters.

“We urge citizens across Europe to turn out and vote in the forthcoming European elections. We call on civil society organisations to join our efforts to mobilise a positive vote for a united Europe.”

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