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EPP backs Cyprus president for re-election

Flickr/European People's Party/CC BY 2.0
Cyprus President Nicos Anastasiades delivers a speech during the EPP Malta Congress in 2017.

Ahead of the presidential elections in Cyprus on January 28, the European People’s Party (EPP) has expressed support for Cyprus President Nicos Anastasiades.

“In the past five years, Cyprus went from a country on the brink of collapse to a growing economy and a European model of prosperity. Nicos Anastasiades and his government had a tough job, but managed to resurrect the Cyprus economy and bring new hope for the Cyprus Problem,” said, Joseph Daul, the president of the EPP. “But the mission of Nicos Anastasiades is not over yet and there is still work to be done. While the opposition offers nothing but populist and unrealistic solutions, EPP Cypriot member party DISY offers stability, growth and security in the region.”

According to Daul, the people of Cyprus have suffered from the mistakes of past governments, but they refused to let their country wither.

“With courage and determination, they put their trust in Nicos Anastasiades,” he said. “The sacrifices of the Cypriot citizens, the brave but difficult decisions of the President and the well-organised political reforms have paid off. Cyprus managed to become a modern success story that stands as an example for all European countries in its path towards recovery.”

Daul was also quick to stress Anastasiades’ “great strength and commitment to the vision of ending Turkish occupation and reunifying Cyprus and its people”.

“The President’s leadership and determination, ensured that negotiations moved forward,” he said. “He skilfully created the circumstances that forced Turkey for the first time to come face to face with its responsibilities on the Cyprus problem, and brought to the forefront the essence of the Cyprus issue, which is no other than the termination of guarantees and intervention rights and the withdrawal of all Turkish troops from Cyprus. Despite the significant challenges he faced, he remained resolute, devoted to his core principles and faithful to the will of the Cypriots in reaching a comprehensive settlement fully in line with EU law, values and principles.

“I trust that the Cypriot citizens will place their faith again in Nicos Anastasiades and will renew his mandate so that he can realise his vision for a reunited, prosperous Cyprus,” he added.


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