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Greens: Human rights and climate action under attack in Sweden


The new Swedish government, which has been presented and sworn in today, will govern with the support of The Sweden Democrats (ECR), a far-right party. To secure the support of The Sweden Democrats, the EPP and Renew/ALDE-led government agreed to outrageous policy proposals. From the drastic reduction of the refugees quota from 6400 to 900 per year, and a national ban on public begging, to destructive climate policies, this agreement sends Sweden down a harmful hardline conservative trend.

“Sweden sadly follows a growing list of European countries where conservative and liberal forces ally with the far-right to get into power. These forces are implementing an agenda of nationalist egoism, human rights violations, social division and climate denial. This is the exact opposite of what Europe needs in these challenging times. We need solidarity within and across countries to fight the multiple crises we are facing and we need to protect European democracy and fundamental rights,” commented Mélanie Vogel and Thomas Waitz, co-chairs of the European Green Party.

“By accepting this shameful deal with the far-right, the Moderates (EPP), the Christian Democrats (EPP) and the Liberal Party (Renew/ALDE) will harm Sweden. The drastic cutback on environmental policies will lead to a massive increase in CO2 emissions. Their social policies will lead to further division in Swedish society: restriction on refugee quota, criminalisation of poverty, dramatic cut in international aid will create a divisive social climate and deepen inequalities. Sweden is at risk of treating minorities and less advantaged people as second-class citizens,” added Märta Stenevi and Per Bolund, co-spokespersons of Miljöpartiet de gröna (the Swedish Greens).

“What’s even more outrageous in this deal is that The Sweden Democrats will have politically appointed advisors in the government, as well as a de facto veto on government decisions. The fact that they don’t hold ministerial positions is just a facade. We will continue the fight against these policies which are building walls between people, and unraveling the absolutely crucial climate action.

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