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Greens: In Syria, people need political solutions, not more rockets

Flickr/Freedom House/CC BY 2.0

The US, UK, and French military forces struck Syria during the early hours of the morning on Saturdaylocal time. Military sources say they were targeting three chemical weapons facilities.

Responding to the strike European Green Party co-chairs Reinhard Bütikofer and Monica Frassoni said:

“We are deeply saddened to see to see a new phase of escalation in Syria. After Syrian dictator Assad, backed by Russia, had again used chemical weapons against his own citizens, the US, France, and the UK decided to strike Syrian chemical weapons facilities.

“The scenes from Douma earlier in April from the aftermath of a chemical attack were indeed truly shocking. The world cannot just stand by idly, ignore the justified outrage, and move on. But the military response by the three Western states is not leading towards an exit out of the catastrophic situation and towards the inevitable political solution. Pressure instead has to be put on Russia to stop its client Assad and to reign him in.

“We need a comprehensive peace-building strategy. European countries that have not participated in the recent air strikes in Syria must come up with their own initiatives. European arms sales to the region are a travesty of our values and contribute to ongoing death and destruction. They must be halted now.

“We call on European leaders of all political stripes to take strong and coordinated action to put an end to Syria’s seemingly endless strife.”


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