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Manfred Weber: “Let’s build a true parliamentary democracy in Europe”

Flickr/European Parliament/CC BY-NC-ND 2.0
“France is a proud country but you know, France can only be strong if Europe is strong”, EPP Group Chairman Manfred Weber underlined.

The President of the French Republic Emmanuel Macron debated the future of Europe with the European Parliament today. Speaking on behalf of the EPP Group, it’s Chairman Manfred Weber welcomed President Macron’s clear pro-European stance. “France is a proud country but you know, France can only be strong if Europe is strong”, Mr Weber underlined.

“The European Parliament is the place to discuss and decide the future of Europe. The Franco-German axis is important, but Europe is much more”, he insisted.

The Chairman of the EPP Group made his case in favour of a strong European parliamentary democracy. “It makes a difference whether one stands on people’s doorsteps and asks for their opinion, or whether one stands there and asks for their vote. Parliamentary democracy gives people a say and brings them together. My voice counts: I care, I engage, I belong, and I am willing to work for a greater, common good. True democracy is not only listening to people, democracy is letting people decide”, he said. “If Europe ignores the people, the people will ignore Europe. This is why the European Parliament should elect and control a European government. Every European Commissioner has to convince people by running for the European Parliamentary elections.”

Finally, Manfred Weber called for more ambition and less red lines. “The French say no more Treaty change. The Germans say no more money. The Central Europeans say no more Brussels. I do not fear another Brexit, I fear a frightened Europe. So let’s start now. The EPP Group is ready to work for a democratic Europe with ambitious projects, where the people are the owners of the European dream and future. The task of my generation is to now build a democratic Europe where the future is in the hands of the people of this continent, a true parliamentary democracy in Europe.”


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