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MEP targets Czech president’s unfulfilled promises

Flickr/ActiveSteve/CC BY-ND 2.0
A view of the Presidential Palace in Prague, Czech Republic.

To point out the unfulfilled promises made by Czech President Milos Zeman and show that he should not be re-elected for another term in January, European Parliament Vice-President Pavel Telicka (for Czech ANO) has taken to social media.

On his website on December 7, Telicka mentioned a statement Zeman made shortly after his election as president in early 2013, when he said politicians’ failure to fulfil their promises is one of the reasons behind the destruction of politics in the Czech Republic.

“I agree with President Zeman exceptionally and gladly. Voters really have the right to know that a politician, whom they elected based on his promises, does not fulfil what he pledged to do,” Telicka said.

As reported by The Prague Daily Monitor, Telicka wrote he wants to highlight the promises that Zeman breached now that the direct presidential election has drawn nearer.

Telicka mentioned Zeman’s vow this spring that he would not conduct a campaign ahead of the presidential election.

“Although Zeman promised not to conduct a campaign… the streets are starting to be filled with billboards featuring his portrait along with the ‘Zeman Again 2018’ slogan,” Telicka wrote.

He called on others to join his highlighting the breached promises of Zeman.

“I don’t prevent anybody from joining my effort, use the graphic instruments and share the entries I will post on my website in the days to come, or only consider whether the Czech Republic deserves a better president than Milos Zeman. It is beyond any doubts now that he, too, has been contributing to the destruction of Czech politics,” Telicka wrote.

Earlier this year, Telicka had a falling out with the ANO movement. He used to serve as a foreign affairs expert. According to The Prague Daily Monitor, Telicka cited a rising gap between his views and those of ANO chairman and current prime minister-designate Andrej Babis, not only on European politics but also on Zeman.

Telicka has also criticised ANO for neither having fielded its own presidential candidate to run against Zeman, nor choosing any of the nine running candidates to support.

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